Body Work Adventure – Part 2, The Professionals

Tony and Julie’s story continues…

So the car was delivered to Iain and we also dropped of all the not so shiny bits to Northampton & Midland Plating for re-chroming.

Thanks now go to Iain at iKustoms for taking pictures as he was working so we could see how the car was coming along.

The horrible previous repair that had been done to the rear nearside wing just wasn’t recoverable so Iain sourced a new panel to repair the worst of the rear wing.

From Frankenstein to a very lovely curvy rear end!

One of the holes in the nearside front wing was also give the new panel treatment

She also had a new panel on the front above the lights, work on the nearside door opening, lots of dents dealt with and all in all a dam good going over.

We were so pleased with the work that Iain did and all along we had photo updates – even when we were living it up on the beautiful French alps (our annual snowboarding pilgrimage).

The one evening the photos came through that showed she had made it to the spray booth, these are fantastic shots showing just how little filler was needed once all the repairs had been done – and right this time!


IMG_0146 (1)

Its now getting very exciting!!!

Meanwhile in a quite street in Northampton the not so shiny bits have been stripped, re-chromed and polished to perfection.

Credit here to the guys at Northampton & Midland plating for the shots they took too.

Well almost perfection, we didn’t want to make our car perfect, so a small hole in the front bumper was left un-repaired (its underneath so you never see it!!) and the small crease in the rear bumper where one of the couple (to remain nameless!!) reversed very gently into a street light remains also – well it keeps it “our car”!!

Its like Christmas Day when you get all your chrome home and you unwrap it from its protection to see your face in every last bit!!!

Next time…. Paint……



4 thoughts on “Body Work Adventure – Part 2, The Professionals

  1. My 1977 Stag is nearly ready for the road inlet manifold is being a pain in the arse will have to source a s/h one in better nick ??

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