The James Bond Stag

One of our members sent in some wonderful pictures of his envious visit to the JB stag before it left for its new home in the US. Here’s Johns account of his day, Thanks John!!!

My friend and I got wind that the James Bond museum in Keswick was closing and thought we would take a trip over there to see if we could get a closer look at the JB Stag. On the way there over the moors we bumped into the Top Gear crowd testing the Porsche Panamera but they would not let us take pictures. When we got to the museum, as you can see from the pictures, they give us full roaming rights of the Stag (LD14, I checked the Comm Number)) and the other JB cars except the DB5. So I have a pictorial record of the JB Stag (which is now in America) and most of the other JB cars and associated gadgets. As you can see from the pictures I got to sit where Sean Connery has sat. (big wow!!)

I tried to get the owner to pull the Stag out so I could get a picture of it beside mine but he would not, I even tried to buy it but he said I could only have it if I bought the other cars as well!!! The Stag was standing next to the White Toyota used in “You Only Live Twice” of which only two convertible versions were ever made by Toyota, both for the film.

So the beautiful Stag was of course the star of the show in Diamonds are Forever with the best JB – Sean Connery!! Can you name all the other movies from the montage above????

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