Stag Owners – We are a Resourceful Bunch

There are times when we need to fix a problem, and when there is either not the time or the part we need it just not to hand, or even where we improve on the original.

The choke knob just sometimes refuses to stay out, a clothes peg is a useful tool to have to hand on a cold winters morning, just pull out the choke and pop the peg on the stalk and hay presto choke stays in the perfect position until we warm up.

The back lights can grow a little dim as the mirror finish can grow tired over the years but before you splash out on new ones a little tin foil can go a long way to helping get the shine back.

Back lights

There have been some of us that have been caught out whilst filling up – where as this little problem has been solved on the euro-boxes we have for everyday use, our beautiful ole girls have a filler cap that does accommodate the dreaded diesel pump!

But never fear the resourceful stag owners are not too be beaten. One of our members has designed an insert for the filler cap and I had a fun morning making one for out stag.

First machine the cylinder down to the exact diameter of the cap (much measuring and then trial fittings as they are all slightly different sizes!!)

IMG_1855 IMG_1859

Then once we have the size we then need to bore out the center – just big enough for the unleaded pump but not so big as to let the dreaded diesel pump!


And voila there we have it the finished article and a wonderful morning of instruction with Roger – thank you!!


And finally a little lighthearted advice from one of our Facebook friends on the subject of a tight soft top.

Having Trouble getting it UP?……….then our NEW handy 3-in 1 hood erecting kit is for you. It comes in its own handy shower cap (“I told you it was going to rain”)….and its THREE uses are a boon to all Stag owners. 1. Hood erector……2. Tow rope ……..3. Ending it all when that timing chain comes apart. Model shown here is in Old English White.

See the attached photos and instructions how to use.

Hood 1 hood 2

1. loop rope around over-rider. (leave door open)

2. run other end around frame behind “T” bar.

3. Make a running pully, and lever the frame forward.

4.If necessary stand on cill, and use knee to put more pressure on rope.

ORDER NOW…….available from all good DIY shops. Made in England!

5 thoughts on “Stag Owners – We are a Resourceful Bunch

  1. we all have problems taking off the bottom hose of the radiator, little trick i use, undo the securing ring for the metal water pipe on the front of the engine, the bottom hose will move more freely this way and save your knuckles

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