Stags and Pigeons????

Sunday morning and the sun is out – thats the first thing to celebrate!! Second thing to brighten our day is that we are off out with the Stag Owners Club, and today a nice drive will be followed by a bit of clay pigeon shooting at Raunds Clay Pigeon Club.

Two yellow stags met up for the last part of the journey – to be honest it was just a half hour down the road but it gets the ole girls out, and the cars too!!!

10360348_572940652823779_7229421961707074644_n All arrived – seem to be a bit of yellow bias going on in the Northants area today!

Once the throng was assembled it was off for the all important safety briefing, to be honest having never picked up a gun in my life before it was a little daunting but the guys at the club were very professional and helpful so they eased any nerves that were there.

So we all got our box of shells and split up into groups of 5, we then had a go in 3 different traps where the clays either went sailing past left to right, straight at you or from behind towards the hedge.

Most of mine I have to say survived – as they say very few clays where harmed during the making of this blog!!



Pleased to say that the rest of the Stag Owners were a little better than me!!

Thanks to Roy – our able tutor I did manage to get a few, well 3 to be exact but have to say thats 3 more than I was expecting.

All done and we lined up for the group photo, Dave in the middle is responsible for organising today so a great big thanks to him, its always a pleasure to try out new things with a great bunch of folks.


So after the exersion of the morning, refreshment was required so along to a local hostelry where we had a wonderful lunch and some pretty good pudding too.

Cars all looked great lined up in the sunshine too.



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