Stag Surprise!!!!!

Those wonderful peeps at the SOC have been at it again, this time a father was surprised by his son and one of our members, here is their story…….

A few months back I got in touch with the Triumph Stags Owners club, to ask if anyone could help me surprise my Dad with an afternoon drive out in a Stag. My Dad has never been able to afford one but really likes the car, and at home he just keeps on saying he would like to own one, so what would be better than to surprise him with a drive in one?

Kindly, Carl Fuss put me in touch with a chap called Andrew Smith who was the Coordinator for the Essex area. Our emails went back and forth trying to escalate planning an afternoon out in his car, but with the weather being poor and family commitments our plans were promptly stalled. Weeks went by but we both still stayed in contact, when I received an exciting email from Andrew saying “I can make this weekend how’s about meeting at the Hawk at Battlesbridge?”

A beautiful morning started off mine and my Dad’s day on Saturday 1st of March. We made our way to the Hawk pub where we had this surprise in store. Finally after meeting Andrew for the first time after all these emails, we had a nice drink and a chat over not just Triumph Stags but Triumph Vitesse’s too as my Dad owns two of them and has had them recently restored.

We were lead out to a beautiful well restored Stag which was glowing in the sun, with this in front of me and my Dad we couldn’t wait to be driven around. We made our way through the town and country roads and the car handled so well dipping in and out of corners with power and gracefulness, I myself  personally am not a big fan of classic cars but this one was an exception the ride was so smooth and could near on match a modern car, Andrew should be proud.


Andrew on the day was most helpful with a lot of information and passion given, we both were so grateful for the kindness he showed and how he went out of his way to make our day as this is a rarity in this modern fast paced world. So would just like to say a massive thank you to Andrew and the impression he left on us both not just of himself but of the club too.


Chris and Steve Wayling

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