A Day at the races – well 3 days really – Silverstone Classic

It’s that time of year again when the thousands of classic race goers descend on the fantastic venue in the heart of Northamptonshire for a weekend of total indulgence in all things petrol!!

We (the club) were there for 3 days, providing tea’s coffees, bacon butties if you were there early enough (is before 10 really early!!) for most of the weekend a nice shade from the sun – although Saturday afternoon a welcome shelter from the impromptu storm and drenching!!

A good few stags turned out to enjoy the days racing and loads of other things to do that make this event a real “come whatever your age” few days. From the classic racing to the ferris wheel to survey the whole of Silverstone and beyond there was something for everyone and every age.

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Once you were on the ferris wheel you could then see the sheer size of the event and all the clubs and cars, including the SOC which was truly amazing. As you wandered the event you could not help but add some classic cars to your every increasing wish list.

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Just around saturday lunchtime we saw a magnificent fly past by two stunning world war 2 fighters to compliment the classic cars on the tarmac, it was the only time during the whole weekend that you weren’t looking at cars. Next door to the Stag Owners Club  was the range rover club, and behind us was the mercedes benz stand and the MG Owners club which unfortunately found their tent on abbey on sunday morning after a few mini tornadoes overnight.

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The classic racing was an absolute joy to behold and seeing old Porsches, GT40’s and corvettes flying round the silverstone circuit

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The only downside of the weekend was the sudden downpour on saturday evening resulting in a mad dash to the Stag Owners Club marquee to avoid the somewhat refreshing but very heavy downpour!


An Evening with Fuzz Townshend

Classic car owners in general were given a real treat last evening (18th July) in the picturesque village of Hallaton in Leicestershire.

A few of us from that area decided to go along, some after a lovely day out around Rutland water, others later after they finished their lovely days in the office/workshop etc.

The event was a general get together of classics of all shapes, sizes and ages to enjoy some excellent food and drinks and meet, greet and otherwise grill the front man from Car SOS – Fuzz Townshend. The whole event was put on by Carole Nash so a special thank you to them for a really good do!

All lined up in the sun

All lined up in the sun

The Stags managed to get to park up together (cos they do look very classy when all lined up) in the first car park, that soon filled up and the remaining cars ranging from vintage Austin’s, MG’s, E-type, Mercedes, Aston Martin to a very nice Ford Cortina, filled the remaining spaces and then overflowed onto the fields adjoining.


After the obligatory greetings and general chat it was time to get down the the serious part of the evening – the food!!! Well not quite the cars and having a chat with Fuzz was of course the highlight but have to say the grub was a bit special. We did sit close so got in quickly, well hard day at the office and some of us were starving!


Lesley and I chatting to Fuzz

After a quick intro Fuzz spoke to the throng and then gave his whole evening over to mingling with the crowd; listening to our projects, problems, highlights of our classic ownership  and giving advice, help and most of all enthusiasm to all. I had gone up to talk to him and joined in with a young lad of 12 who was discussing his dream car and how he had only 5 years to go before he could start to drive. For us Stag owners it was that extra special to meet one of the crew from the show that got one Stag owners beloved car back on the road. Fuzz and his team took a Stag and converted it from manual to auto so the owner could again enjoy his car, the program was wonderful and showed that what is important is that the owner can enjoy his car and it doesn’t have to be perfect in every way (still not sure about that bonnet though!!)

All in all the evening was enjoyed by all, lots of stories shared and not all about cars, I for one was hugely jealous of a fellow Stag owner who’s partner had treated her to a Bon Jovi concert in Hyde Park where she was luck enough to be very close and admire the very yummy Jon!!! (yes now thats a complete give away of the writer !!) But I also got to chat in large quantities of my favourite thing, old cars and how one day I will have a 4 post lift or similar in my garage and lots of tools 🙂

Till next time……

See more of the pictures on our Flickr album

Welcome to the world of the V8

Hello all and welcome to our new blog.

So who are we…… well we are a club of car enthusiasts, petrol heads, eternal optimists and general fun loving folks who like nothing better than driving, enjoying and yes fixing our beloved cars.

Here we will share with you what it means to belong to our club, what we get up to with our friends and their cars, the shows and events we attend, the help and inspiration that all our members bring to one another and yes there will also be the occasional ramblings of …. how we fixed the broken bits (well most of our girls are over 40 years old you know!!!)

We hope you will enjoy our stories and pictures, we are a friendly ole bunch and you don’t need a car to join in!!

ESM 2013