Final Show of the year

With Christmas nearly upon us we all gathered at the Flying Childers in Kirby Bellars for one final show at the Melton Mowbray Xmas market at 10am on a sunny but chilly December morning.

A cold morning in Kirby Bellars

With 6 Stags in convey in to the middle of Melton, with a sudden right followed by a left at the top of the pedestrian way we are beautifully parked outside the famous ye olde pork pie shoppe.

A lovely line of Stags

There we some lovely cars on display, immediately next to us was a pair old english white MG’s, Soft top beetle and a very well maintained Alfa Romeo.

Our friendly neighbours

As the day progressed an ever growing collection of vehicles began to gather around the pedestrian area including the very clean and shiny Diamler and it’s wire wheels, to the vibrant purple GT6 sat behind the pristine looking E-Type Jaguar.

Beautiful Daimler



It wasn’t just classic cars that were there, we had several really classic cars on show that were braving the chilly weather and a few very, very brave motorcyclists that had ventured in to the middle of Melton.

Lovely Green Machine

Not just for cars

Of all the beautiful cars and bikes that were on show this split screen VW was dressed in tinsel, lights and general christmas decorations and made everyone smile as they walked past this very cheery van. All in all this was a small event that started at the beginning of the day that gradually swelled with cars as the day progressed, thankfully the promised rain and bad weather did not materialise and about 50 cars and bikes were on show for the local shoppers.

In to the Xmas spirit

The drive home on this sunny afternoon was finished off by us leading the way to this very pretty but always in our rear view mirror green E-Type
A friend indeed
Have a great Christmas and New Year

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