Clackett Run and Brands Hatch Day

One of our main events of the year is the Clackett Run and Brands Hatch day, this is always popular, but it did bring a few fraught moments beforehand in organising the tickets etc. We had 43 Stags booked in for the run from Clackett Lane Services to Brands Hatch and the cars set off in a fairly organised convoy for once.

It is always interesting to see the faces of other motorists and you can virtually lip read what they are saying on seeing so many Stags in one place. The day itself was a blistering hot day, which was a result for us as we changed the day from our usual Sunday to the Saturday as the National Day in Kent was double booked with us and the Sunday was dull, overcast and raining all day. We had all the cars attending out on the parade laps, to which this year we had two laps of the long Grand Prix circuit.

They limit these laps to 50mph for safety reasons and normally only let 10 cars out at a time (also we were not paying) The reason is that it does not cause delay to the racing programme and helmets have to be worn over 50mph, but some say that they touched 70mph at times.

See Dave and Ruth’s view of the circuit (link will take you to our YouTube page)

Anyway everybody was pleased with the experience of driving on the circuit. There was some good racing there too, but my favourite is always the Historic Touring Car Championship, but many of us were also interested in seeing Paul Hollywood of the Great British Bake-off smoking his XJ120 Jag around in the Jaguar Heritage Challenge, he was also polite when Russ “Kryten” was talking to him about his bread dough recipes. Many happy faces at the end of the day and a lot of appreciation from those attending made it all worthwhile.

Thanks to Bob Heritage for the article, with some pictures from Dave Bower.