Trentham Garden’s Transport Festival 2013

How do you persuade your wife to get up at 6am on a Sunday morning to go to a car show? Well since it was at Trentham Gardens and the weather forecast was for sun and blue skies, getting up wasn’t the big issue I thought it might be. So it was we fired up the Stag as quietly as possible trying not wake the neighbours – has anyone ever managed to start a Stag quietly? Leaving Newark at 7am we saw little traffic and made good speed (the 4-speed ZF box certainly helps!) meeting up with Margaret, Dave, Paul and Lesley on the A50 just south of Stoke to drive into Trentham together. Only three cars I thought – a pretty poor turnout. I needn’t have worried because by the time the gazebo was erected we were joined by another six cars in a lovely shady spot very near the gardens – pole position I’d say.

The show itself was as good as ever in my opinion – hundreds of classic and vintage cars of all shapes and sizes filled the large show area including at least a further ten Stags dotted around. To have a good look at them all would have taken many hours but other attractions seemed to be on my wife’s agenda. So after an hour admiring some wonderful machinery we wandered through the beautiful award winning gardens towards, yes you’ve guessed, the Trentham Shopping Village. Much bashing of the credit cards ensued and finally after a delicious ice cream sundae we staggered back to the gazebo loaded with numerous carrier bags – much to the amusement of the others.

We’d all noticed a funny smell which had pervaded the air around Paul Haigh’s rear end but no-one had wanted to say anything and risk causing offence, nor indeed light a match anywhere near for fear of causing an explosion. By mid-afternoon though the smell was getting stronger and something had to be done – so it was a “rut” of Stag men decided to investigate Pauls rear and try and figure out exactly where the smell was coming from – a petrol leak quickly identified as the cause. Exactly where the leak was  and how to fix it kept the Stag men happy for a good hour spent testing various theories and trying this and that, mostly to no avail, although a temporary fix finally allowed Paul and Lesley to get home safely.

The public turned out in droves for this event helped no doubt by the nice weather, everybody we met seemed in a good mood and with loads to see and do I don’t think car shows get much better than this. Was it worth getting up so early – you bet!

Final Show of the year

With Christmas nearly upon us we all gathered at the Flying Childers in Kirby Bellars for one final show at the Melton Mowbray Xmas market at 10am on a sunny but chilly December morning.

A cold morning in Kirby Bellars

With 6 Stags in convey in to the middle of Melton, with a sudden right followed by a left at the top of the pedestrian way we are beautifully parked outside the famous ye olde pork pie shoppe.

A lovely line of Stags

There we some lovely cars on display, immediately next to us was a pair old english white MG’s, Soft top beetle and a very well maintained Alfa Romeo.

Our friendly neighbours

As the day progressed an ever growing collection of vehicles began to gather around the pedestrian area including the very clean and shiny Diamler and it’s wire wheels, to the vibrant purple GT6 sat behind the pristine looking E-Type Jaguar.

Beautiful Daimler



It wasn’t just classic cars that were there, we had several really classic cars on show that were braving the chilly weather and a few very, very brave motorcyclists that had ventured in to the middle of Melton.

Lovely Green Machine

Not just for cars

Of all the beautiful cars and bikes that were on show this split screen VW was dressed in tinsel, lights and general christmas decorations and made everyone smile as they walked past this very cheery van. All in all this was a small event that started at the beginning of the day that gradually swelled with cars as the day progressed, thankfully the promised rain and bad weather did not materialise and about 50 cars and bikes were on show for the local shoppers.

In to the Xmas spirit

The drive home on this sunny afternoon was finished off by us leading the way to this very pretty but always in our rear view mirror green E-Type
A friend indeed
Have a great Christmas and New Year

NEC Classic Car Show – Round up

So all done for another year, and what a show it was!!! 3 days of car heaven, and slightly sore feet – legs – back, will be good to be back at work for a rest!!!

Sunday was only slightly quieter than Saturday but our stand was still buzzing with people. We ran out of “Pimp my Stag” and “Build my Stag” so sorry if you couldn’t be creative but never fear the templates will be on our Facebook page for any of you budding artists to get creative! All we ask is you take a piccie and post it back onto our page so we can show your talents to the world!!

We did see some wonderful cars at the show, it is fantastic that all the clubs and people get together to show off their pride and joy so that we can all get to take a look and for some Dream……

We took loads more pics – just nip over to our Flickr pages to see them all.

The boys from Wheeler Dealers and Practical Classics did indeed complete this years challenge again


For us at the Stag Owners Club stand, it was fantastic to see so may familiar and new faces on the stand, we were also pleasantly surprised of the popularity of the little just for fun colouring competition that so may children took part in, there were lollies and fridge magnets on offer for completed ones!! We will be repeating the Pimp My Stag at next years Classic show and perhaps some extras too……

For me, what were the best bits…..

The cars….

Seeing so many smiling faces – crayon in hand

Seeing the boys from Wheeler Dealers again – always such a good show

Spending 3 days with great folks  – can’t wait till next year!!!

By the way the bad bits …….

Taking 40 Seconds to remove 4 spark plugs on the Carole Nash stand and not getting time to try again!!!!!

NEC Classic – Day 2 Saturday

We have been super busy today, it has been a wonderful day so far, the halls have been packed with people all enjoying the cars and the brilliant atmosphere.

The guys at Wheeler Dealers have been busy with the MG restoration..


We have been busy today with the “Pimp My Stag” with lots of kids of all ages having a great time being creative. These are some of the great pictures that have been created today – see our Facebook Album for more

There was a special guest with The Wheeler Dealer guys and on the stand at Lancaster Insurance…. the one and only David Soul of Starsky & Hutch fame. He was there to tell us all about a project he has been working on called Cuban Soul. A mission to help the Cubans re-build Ernest Hemingway’s long-lost 1955 Chrysler New Yorker. This has been made all the more difficult due to the embargoes in place in Cuba – find out more go to Cuba Absolutely 

Lastly me and Tony couldn’t resist getting our pickie taken with the other star of Starsky & Hutch – non other than the Gran Torino herself….


More from us tomorrow for the last day of the Classic Motor Show 2013….

NEC Classic – Friday so far

And so we begin the 3 days of glorious cars, entertainment from the chaps at Wheeler Dealers and meeting lots of new friends on the Stag Owners Club stand.

We are in Hall 12 this year so come along and join in the fun and check out the fab 4 that we have on our stand this year.

Friday morning show is starting to fill up

Friday morning show is starting to fill up

We are encouraging the young and old to “Pimp My Stag” and “Build My Stag” on the stand (or you can take one home and post on Facebook later.)

A few have been busy already….

The chaps over on the Live Stage –  Mike Brewer, Edd China and Paul Brackley have a challenge this year to bring back to life this 1975 MGB – Good luck boys!!

Wheeler Dealer Challenge

Wheeler Dealer Challenge

And for a bit of a challenge for the rest of us – pop along to the Carole Nash stand and see how long it takes you to remove 4 spark plugs (it took me 40 seconds – must try harder next time!!!) but did get to say Hi to Fuzz Townsend and get my sash signed – Thanks Fuzz!!!


NEC Classic – Get Set (or the set up day)

Been a busy day today at the NEC, all the stands getting ready for the opening up tomorrow. Our guys and galls have been hard at it today getting everything ready to meet and greet you all….

The stand is taking shape…

Now bring on the Stags….

Almost ready for tomorrow??…

Time for a quick clean and polish

Time for a quick clean and polish

Nite nite all see you in the morning…..


NEC Classic – On your marks!!!

So the NEC classic car show is just days away, we are very excited and putting together the final preparations for the social goings on on our stand.

We will have 4 cars on the stand this year, some real beauties too including a show winner and one that spent the summer cruising the french riviera.

The guys and galls in the shows team will be there tomorrow setting up the stand, putting up the gazebo and giving the cars that last bit of polish before the opening on Friday. Check back tomorrow and we will have some preview pics for you – see the stand first here on our blog!!!

So what have those of us on the social media side have in store for you over the next few days to celebrate this event…….

Pimp my stag and build my stag – get those creative juices flowing and come along to the stand and create you ideal (or just crazy idea) for your stag. Don’t despair if you can’t get along to the NEC just pop along to our Facebook Page and download the templates, get creative (don’t forget to give the kids back their crayons/paints etc!!) scan or take a pic and load back onto our Facebook page and we will add to the gallery (it’s a Take Hart revival!!)

Here’s the prep we have been doing

Pimp my Stag and Build my Stag

Pimp my Stag and Build my Stag

We will also see the return on Facebook of the just for fun “where on a Stag” and “whats the caption” competitions, again you don’t have to be coming to the NEC to take part just pop along to our Facebook page and take part.

We will be on the stand to help anyone get around our social media sites, see our pics on Flickr, how to like us on FB, find us on Twitter and of course read our brilliant Blog!!

We have some “rewards” for all those who come along and take part – we’ve been hard at work creating  unique fridge magnets ….

Coolest Fridge magnets at the show!!

Coolest Fridge magnets at the show!!

And treats for the hard working colourinners

Sweet treats for the colourers

Sweet treats for the colourers

So all in all we are set for three days of fantastic cars and lots of fun….

We will be blogging each day, may be multiple ones so do scroll down just in case you have missed one!!

Lastly we have a little surprise for a couple of SOC members…. watch this space 🙂

A little surprise??!!

A little surprise??!!

A Day at the races – well 3 days really – Silverstone Classic

It’s that time of year again when the thousands of classic race goers descend on the fantastic venue in the heart of Northamptonshire for a weekend of total indulgence in all things petrol!!

We (the club) were there for 3 days, providing tea’s coffees, bacon butties if you were there early enough (is before 10 really early!!) for most of the weekend a nice shade from the sun – although Saturday afternoon a welcome shelter from the impromptu storm and drenching!!

A good few stags turned out to enjoy the days racing and loads of other things to do that make this event a real “come whatever your age” few days. From the classic racing to the ferris wheel to survey the whole of Silverstone and beyond there was something for everyone and every age.

9376493825_f518c82e8c 9376495723_1764041325

Once you were on the ferris wheel you could then see the sheer size of the event and all the clubs and cars, including the SOC which was truly amazing. As you wandered the event you could not help but add some classic cars to your every increasing wish list.

9379436862_81658fe75c sitesilve

Just around saturday lunchtime we saw a magnificent fly past by two stunning world war 2 fighters to compliment the classic cars on the tarmac, it was the only time during the whole weekend that you weren’t looking at cars. Next door to the Stag Owners Club  was the range rover club, and behind us was the mercedes benz stand and the MG Owners club which unfortunately found their tent on abbey on sunday morning after a few mini tornadoes overnight.

9376587461_200e7eb8cf 9376667649_c78041a5d9

The classic racing was an absolute joy to behold and seeing old Porsches, GT40’s and corvettes flying round the silverstone circuit

9379532316_12542f15a3 9379473148_4861f484b5

The only downside of the weekend was the sudden downpour on saturday evening resulting in a mad dash to the Stag Owners Club marquee to avoid the somewhat refreshing but very heavy downpour!