Your Stag Memories and Stories…

Roll up, roll up……

Come and tell your classic Triumph Stag stories….

We are looking for your stories of Stag ownership, do you remember the Stags going by in the 70’s and thinking phwoarr want one of those!!! Have you owned or do you own one of these wonderful cars that’s either a work in progress, mid restoration or just the car you love to drive the most.

Perhaps your family owns a Stag and you love going off on days out or further afield on holidays, we would love to hear from you – old or young.

If you have enjoyed reading our blog or looking at the posts on our Facebook page, we are looking to tell your stories too, send them on to us and we will post your article on our blog. Don’t worry if you haven’t written an “article” before, just tell your tale as if we were sat on the sofa having a coffee and a really big piece of cake!!!


We love pics too – and so do all our fans, so include some of them too (they don’t have to be photos either for those of you who enjoy drawing and painting!!). We can put your post together and send it back to you so you can see how it will look before we publish it to the world-wide web audiences.

Come on – no matter where you live, send us your Staggering tales of Triumphant car memoirs


Click here to send your emailed stories

3 thoughts on “Your Stag Memories and Stories…

  1. Unfortunately I have no tale to tell. The only thing I know is that if I didn’t go for much loved Mustang for restoration I would have gone for the beautiful Stag. The rumble of the v8’s is an iconic sound that is reconised the world over. As a kid when I first saw a stag I loved them, always wanted one. Sadly I have never driven one, I have seen a few close up but not been able to feel the car and be at one with it. One day, maybe one day!

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