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We are looking for your stories of Stag ownership, do you remember the Stags going by in the 70’s and thinking phwoarr want one of those!!! Have you owned or do you own one of these wonderful cars that’s either a work in progress, mid restoration or just the car you love to drive the most.

Perhaps your family owns a Stag and you love going off on days out or further afield on holidays, we would love to hear from you – old or young.

If you have enjoyed reading our blog or looking at the posts on our Facebook page, we are looking to tell your stories too, send them on to us and we will post your article on our blog. Don’t worry if you haven’t written an “article” before, just tell your tale as if we were sat on the sofa having a coffee and a really big piece of cake!!!


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Come on – no matter where you live, send us your Staggering tales of Triumphant car memoirs


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Thoresby Hall Classic Car Show 2013

For once August Bank Holiday Monday coincided with a hot sunny day much to the pleasure of the thousands of folks who enjoyed the hundreds of classics attending the Thoresby Hall Classic Car show. The event is set in the grounds of the grade I listed country house which is one of four neighbouring country houses and estates in north Nottinghamshire known as the “Dukeries” – so named as all were occupied by dukes at one time in their history.

The show is mainly focussed on Minis and TVRs of which there were hundreds in attendance, nevertheless many other interesting classic cars and bikes were also displayed including five Stags from Notts and Derby and two from the Lincolnshire area courtesy of Dave and Baz.

A good look round the whole site took a very pleasant couple of hours with all sorts of vehicles to admire including a large selection of Yanks and even a massive Peterbilt tractor unit which was beautifully turned out with more chrome than all our Stags put together. During the day the central arena saw many car and bikes shown off and judged, I don’t know who was commentating but he certainly impressed me with his huge knowledge and boundless enthusiasm for the subject – he made it really interesting and informative for both public and the enthusiasts.

Next stop was the many trade stands and for some reason my wallet seemed much lighter after I’d left them but shopping still beckoned so a visit to the Thoresby Courtyard shops was next. Precious jewellery, handmade glass ornaments, exquisite fashions and artworks all shouted out “buy me” but thankfully I resisted and left that to the ladies, my wallet only being further lightened by a rather nice ice cream.

I hadn’t attended this show before and to be honest didn’t expect a lot but ended up really enjoying myself with great company, plenty of variety, a lovely setting and of course that yellow orb in the sky – all in all a great Bank Holiday day out.

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Trentham Garden’s Transport Festival 2013

How do you persuade your wife to get up at 6am on a Sunday morning to go to a car show? Well since it was at Trentham Gardens and the weather forecast was for sun and blue skies, getting up wasn’t the big issue I thought it might be. So it was we fired up the Stag as quietly as possible trying not wake the neighbours – has anyone ever managed to start a Stag quietly? Leaving Newark at 7am we saw little traffic and made good speed (the 4-speed ZF box certainly helps!) meeting up with Margaret, Dave, Paul and Lesley on the A50 just south of Stoke to drive into Trentham together. Only three cars I thought – a pretty poor turnout. I needn’t have worried because by the time the gazebo was erected we were joined by another six cars in a lovely shady spot very near the gardens – pole position I’d say.

The show itself was as good as ever in my opinion – hundreds of classic and vintage cars of all shapes and sizes filled the large show area including at least a further ten Stags dotted around. To have a good look at them all would have taken many hours but other attractions seemed to be on my wife’s agenda. So after an hour admiring some wonderful machinery we wandered through the beautiful award winning gardens towards, yes you’ve guessed, the Trentham Shopping Village. Much bashing of the credit cards ensued and finally after a delicious ice cream sundae we staggered back to the gazebo loaded with numerous carrier bags – much to the amusement of the others.

We’d all noticed a funny smell which had pervaded the air around Paul Haigh’s rear end but no-one had wanted to say anything and risk causing offence, nor indeed light a match anywhere near for fear of causing an explosion. By mid-afternoon though the smell was getting stronger and something had to be done – so it was a “rut” of Stag men decided to investigate Pauls rear and try and figure out exactly where the smell was coming from – a petrol leak quickly identified as the cause. Exactly where the leak was  and how to fix it kept the Stag men happy for a good hour spent testing various theories and trying this and that, mostly to no avail, although a temporary fix finally allowed Paul and Lesley to get home safely.

The public turned out in droves for this event helped no doubt by the nice weather, everybody we met seemed in a good mood and with loads to see and do I don’t think car shows get much better than this. Was it worth getting up so early – you bet!

The James Bond Stag

One of our members sent in some wonderful pictures of his envious visit to the JB stag before it left for its new home in the US. Here’s Johns account of his day, Thanks John!!!

My friend and I got wind that the James Bond museum in Keswick was closing and thought we would take a trip over there to see if we could get a closer look at the JB Stag. On the way there over the moors we bumped into the Top Gear crowd testing the Porsche Panamera but they would not let us take pictures. When we got to the museum, as you can see from the pictures, they give us full roaming rights of the Stag (LD14, I checked the Comm Number)) and the other JB cars except the DB5. So I have a pictorial record of the JB Stag (which is now in America) and most of the other JB cars and associated gadgets. As you can see from the pictures I got to sit where Sean Connery has sat. (big wow!!)

I tried to get the owner to pull the Stag out so I could get a picture of it beside mine but he would not, I even tried to buy it but he said I could only have it if I bought the other cars as well!!! The Stag was standing next to the White Toyota used in “You Only Live Twice” of which only two convertible versions were ever made by Toyota, both for the film.

So the beautiful Stag was of course the star of the show in Diamonds are Forever with the best JB – Sean Connery!! Can you name all the other movies from the montage above????