SOC Treasure Hunt (aka where do we find lunch??)

It started at the area AGM in February; “anyone have any ideas on events we can do this year?” said our great leader Bill…. It was then I piped up that a car treasure hunt could be fun as Tony and I had done them a few years ago when we worked in Groby, back then we had one every year and they were really popular and fantastic fun.

So the idea was born, but we had also volunteered ourselves to set one for the area for this year. So the planning began.

First we had the challenge of finding a weekend where most of us were going to be available and then there was the route, questions, place to finish were we can feed everyone and park all the cars, let alone try and make it amusing!!

Up take for the event was good, although I do recall some saying that we could be responsible for several divorces in the group should our little event take place (thank fully all members are still shackled to their better halves). We settled on a date only to find a few days later it did clash with another pre-booked event, re-arranging was not easy but we eventually had the honour (I think anyway) of taking over Drive It Day for the area and putting on our little event.

We decided to run a modified version of a previous one that we had kept from 2006, there were some changes – the end location was one as the original pub that was is now a gourmet restaurant that didn’t really see themselves as a the watering hole for 10 or so thirsty Stags after a run through parts of Leicestershire.

The day arrived and in all we had 8 Stags taking part with Doug on his own following a willing Paul and Elaine.

We set out from our Leicestershire monthly N&N pub off into the unknown, well it was for some who didn’t read the first set of instructions!!! The route included some lovely villages, passing the beautiful park in Market Bosworth and a gated road just to make things a little interesting for the passengers too.

They were challenged with finding the number of the house called Treacle Warren in on route, the colour of the 3 kisses on the barn wall and the phone number in the phone box in a small village. They were also given a bag to fill with items they needed to scavenger on their way around, or as most did, in the pub car park at the end!!! Lastly was a nice easy sheet of general knowledge questions, and yes naming all the cars and drivers from Wacky Races is easy!!!

All arrived at the end point a lovely pub in Higham on the Hill for a wonderful lunch (best carvery I have had in a long while) thanks to Helen and all her staff at the Oddfellows Arms.

Frantic marking (felt like a school teacher) later Tony and I had our winners, congratulations and first prize to Steve and Bernadine, second to Ian and Fran and third to Lesley and Roger. The booby prize (nice new sponge to wash the car with) went to Bill and Kate.

Prize Giving

Prize Giving

All had a great time and hopefully someone else will set it next year!!!

What A Triumph – an SOC birthday surprise

It all started with a question posted on our Facebook page – “do any of you know where I would be able to hire a stag for a birthday treat for the wife?”

The Stag Owners Club did much better than that….. lets hand over to Virginia, she can tell us.

You can’t get much better than this, driving around the Essex country side on a lovely sunny (overcast really but use your imagination) Sunday afternoon in an open top “Triumph Stag” wind blowing through your hair (for those who had some) listening to the throbbing roars, and feeling the power of the engine, hanging on as the superb handling was put through its paces around the twisting lanes, and being treated to tails of adventures and insights it to this great piece of British engineering.

This iconic car has always been a huge favourite of mine from way back, and every time I see one I have to take a second look or point it out to whoever I happen to be with at the time, usually the husband. This must have sown a seed, because whilst sitting in the Hawk pub beer garden at Battlebridge enjoying a drink with family and friends this bright yellow “Stag” appeared, the driver introduced himself as Andrew and said he had come to take me for a spin. This had all been arranged as a surprise for my birthday, I thought I was visiting the nearby antique centre to look for a butler sink for the new kitchen.

Andrew very kindly showed us around the car and gave us the details of is history, after which both me and Mark climbed on-board (husband in the back, said he had plenty of room) and off we went with big smiles all-round. The time flew by and after a fantastic drive we returned to the Pub for another small one and to come back down.

The afternoon brought back some very happy memories of family days out and even my first driving lessons with my late father in his old Triumph 2000 MK1 the closest I got to having a “Stag”.

The debate has now started, New kitchen, New Caravan (another hobby) or maybe a small British sports car…….. ( a nice blue Stag)

A huge thank you to Andrew for taking the time to give me this wonderful birthday gift, and also to the Stag Owners Club for putting him in touch with Mark in the first place. This club looks like a very friendly group of enthusiasts and we were impressed by the club magazine and all the help and advice it contained as well as the social activates you all seem to enjoy.  If all your members are as kind as Andrew we can see why it is such a great success.

More happy memories for me, this one will be hard to beat…

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